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The 10 finalists of the Global AI Summit Art Competition

Saudi Arabia is currently organizing the Global AI Summit, a virtual summit (coronavirus obliges) bringing together experts from 141 countries around the theme “AI for the good of humanity”. Organized by the Saudi Data and AI Authority, under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, the event should, among other things, help establish an international strategy for the use of these new technologies, but not only. It also gives pride of place to art, through this competition aimed at mobilizing teams from different backgrounds to propose projects linking AI and artistic activity.

Saudi Picasso

“What if Picasso had been Saudi?” This is the question that the team behind this database compiling works by Picasso and Saudi artists asked itself. AI technology then made it possible to create a work of art that highlights the depth, richness, and diversity of Saudi art.

Emerging Typographies

In order to reflect the beauty of Saudi nature, artists used geographic and topographic images to train AI to combine them to create a digital work of art based on new patterns and inspirations.

Maruem – The Chimera Ant Queen

Inspired by the popular manga and anime series “Hunter x Hunter”, and in particular the characters called Chimera Ants, this project combines digital graffiti with other artwork and concepts to create a unique new piece that traces the development of a Chimera Ant from the single cell to birth.

AI Authentic Clay

This team used AI to create shapes and patterns to express their feelings about their culture.

Esoteric & Energetic “Heya”

This work of art is inspired by the energy, feelings, and strength that a word can convey. They have chosen to work around the word “heya” which means “she”. The team collected selfies from various women and drawings reflecting the word “she”, and used AI to analyze and link them together to create a new digital work of art.

The Beauty of Belonging

This artwork aims to highlight the richness and variety of architecture in Saudi culture. Different architectural styles and patterns are combined and integrated using algorithms to produce a new work of art in every respect.

Museum of GAN

A project that works on emotions and impressions by combining works of art that are known for the feelings they convey, and which the machine uses to create the artwork.

Machine Mythology

To create this work of art, the team developed a model that allows the machine to read associations of ideas using AI. A random text generator was used to create stories that are used to transform text into visuals.

Ultimate Pattern

Here, the team combined many patterns from different Arabic architectural forms and styles such as mosques and other buildings to develop a unique aesthetic model that offers the best complete picture possible.


This work focuses on literature. It is the result of an attempt to inspire the computer to create art by reading a novel using linguistic programming, extracting its concepts, and then transforming these concepts into photos and shapes.

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Published on 21 October 2020

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