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The Abu Dhabi Louvre unveils a prestigious object from the Iron Age

As part of his exhibition "Rulers and Warriors: The Age of Heroes", the Abu Dhabi Louvre unveiled a unique piece, a rare 3,000-year-old bronze dagger, discovered in one of the most important archaeological sites in the Arab world, Saruq Al-Hadid in southern Dubai.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre recently unveiled a new piece from its exhibition “Rulers and Warriors: The Age of Heroes”, a rare bronze dagger dating back to 1000 years BC. Before being loaned by the Dubai Municipality to the museum, this artifact was discovered at the Saruq Al-Hadid archaeological site in southern Dubai, one of the most important in the Arab world.

With its slightly curved iron blade, few drawings and a lion-shaped handle, the bronze dagger could have belonged to a noble or wealthy owner such as a leader or military leader.

This is not a dagger for daily use. It is, in fact, a prestigious weapon […] the lion is a symbol that is often found in the weapon because it is above all a representation of power
Noemi Dauce, curator in archaeology at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

This artifact is one of many objects discovered since 2002 in Saruq Al-Hadid, following the discovery of ceramic vases, semi-precious stones and shell ornaments dating from the Iron Age (between 1100 and 600 BC-C).

An exhibition with universal reach

As part of the exhibition “Rulers and Warriors: The Age of Heroes”, the dagger is displayed in a display case alongside former Iranian, Greek or Caucasian military objects such as an ax blade and a bronze sword. A diversity aimed at promoting intercultural narrative in the museum.

The ambition of the Abu Dhabi Louvre is to be a universal museum […] We are trying to highlight the long history of the United Arab Emirates, but also the way it fits into the broader picture of humanity
Noemi Dauce, archaeology curator at the Abu Dhabi Louvre.