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The Al-Aan Palace, a little-known architectural jewel

The world is gradually discovering Saudi Arabia’s hidden treasures as news of the country’s opening to tourism spreads and new destinations become known.

In the Saudi town of Najran, in the far south of the country, there is a rather unique castle. Built entirely of mud in 1688, it overlooks the entire city, the valley, and the surrounding villages.

With its white ornaments on all sides, and perfectly preserved, it remains one of the most resplendent architectural jewels in the region.

Pride of the region

This is why it is the pride of its inhabitants, who, encouraged by the Saudi National Tourism and Heritage Commission (SCTH) and the provincial authorities of Najran, are proud to preserve the old buildings and castles and earthen houses, which contribute to supporting the region’s tourism economy.

With its high fences and observation towers, Al-Aan Palace overlooks the famous Wadi Najran, the historic tower, and the mountain of Raoum, and the palm plantations around it… A visit not to be missed for travelers passing through this region, still not very popular with international tourists.

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Published on 28 November 2019


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