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The end of gender segregation in Saudi restaurants.

As part of the reforms currently underway in the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia has just ended gender segregation at restaurant entrances. A step forward towards gender equality.

The decision was announced on Sunday by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs via the Saudi public news agency and is the latest step towards the abolition of gender restrictions in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia abolished rules requiring restaurants to provide separate entrances and spaces for women and families and for male customers who eat by themselves.

From now on, restaurants and cafés will no longer be separated into “family sections”, where single women, those with male parents, used to sit, and “single” sections for single men.

It should be noted that the smallest restaurants and cafés, those in which there was no room for these structures, women were simply not allowed to enter.

A logical follow-up

This reform is in line with the list of reforms currently underway in the country. Recently, women have been allowed to drive, apply for a passport and travel alone, access health care without a tutor’s permission, or attend sports events in stadiums. Girls also have access to P.E. at school.

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Published on 9 December 2019

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