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The “exquisite treasures” of the Riyadh National museum

While Saudi authorities have decided to award numerous heritage projects across the country, Kawa News decided to pay a visit to the National Museum of Riyadh, to talk about heritage with its artifacts specialist, Ali Ibrahim Al-Hamad.

With 4 spots listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Saudi Arabia has one of the world’s richest cultural and historical heritage. A legacy the Kingdom intends to value since the Saudi Tourism and Heritage Commission (STHC) announced the awarding of 9 museum and heritage projects across the country for a total amount of 275 million euros.

Among these projects figures the extension of the National Museum of Riyadh. The institution – which is the most important Saudi museum – exposes the largest amount of antiquities in the Kingdom and regularly hosts international exhibitions. And who better to talk about it than Ali Ibrahim Al-Hamad, its antiquities specialist?