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The first event on the metaverse will take place in Dubai in March

From March 7 to 10, MetaWeek will take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to draw the future of this new technology, which combines real and digital. The program will include international conferences with specialists in bitcoin, artificial intelligence and new technologies.

The beginning of the Web 3.0 era

Since the announcement last October of the launch of the Metaverse by Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, the digital world has been in a frenzy. This unprecedented creation promises a special experience to millions of people, breaking the boundaries between digital and real, creating a new hybrid world, semi virtual. 

And this novelty is not only technological, since it represents a new market of more than a thousand billion dollars (yes, you read that right). 

According to many experts, this new technology announces the beginning of a new era in the wonderful world of the Internet: that of Web 3.0.


A meeting at the top

It is therefore not surprising that Dubai, always at the forefront of technology, will host from March 7 to 10 this year this international meeting dedicated to the Metaverse and its technological, economic and commercial issues. 

Conferences will be given by specialists in crypto-currency, NFT or space, such as Roger Ver, founder of, former astronaut Ron Garan, but also Justin Sun, creator of BitTorrent, who has just entered politics. 

Alongside these exchanges, events will be held around broader themes, such as practical use cases of the metaverse, the future of video games, digital identity issues in this new hybrid world, as well as the new governance challenges it imposes.