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The First Zero Waste Store in the Middle East is Lebanese

In Lebanon, this first store of its kind is establishing itself as a model of responsible economy in the Middle East.

The first zero waste store in the Middle East opened in Beirut, Lebanon. Behind this initiative is NGO Recycle Lebanon founded by Joslin Kehdy, which has been fighting for several years for a more respectable way of life towards our planet.

EcoSouk is a green platform for all those who care about buying products that are eco-friendly in their conception, distribution and destruction.

Healthy and local products, more ecological

In the famous street of Hamra in Beirut, the store sells toiletries, kitchen utensils and recycled materials. Local products are also available to offset the store’s carbon footprint, such as Meswak, a cleaning branch with antibacterial and medicinal properties, used in the Middle East for 7,000 years.