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The gardens of Bisha in Saudi Arabia: organic farming in the heart of a palm grove

The city of Bisha is located in the southwest of the kingdom. A place known for its fertile land and beautiful gardens. Date palms, palm trees and other fruit trees grow there, creating a very green landscape. In this Saudi Eldorado, nature is respected and cultivated according to the rules of organic farming.

In the province of Asir, the city of Bisha is characterized by its green valleys. An environment preserved by local authorities who do their utmost to stabilize flowering, growth and plant cultivation. The harvested fruit is then sold throughout the kingdom, as well as internationally.

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Abundant and diversified vegetation

In addition to the ever-present palm trees, other types of trees are found in the hills of Bisha. Among them, the Sidr also called Jujubier of Mauritius, the Talh and the lemon tree. In this vast valley, grapes, dates and honey are cultivated and harvested according to the seasons, without the use of pesticides. As a result, the products are healthy and tasty!


A supervised agriculture

In order to ensure compliance with organic farming, the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Water has set up a series of measures. The most significant was the construction of four dams to collect rainwater and irrigate plantations. Far from intensive methods, Bisha’s flora flourishes as if in a wonderful garden.

Published on 6 May 2019