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The MiSK Global Forum opens with breaking news from Bill Gates

10 million dollars for the world’s 100 best ideas for the improvement of education and inspiring global citizenship: today’s breaking news from the opening of the MiSK Global Forum in Riyadh.

Today in Riyadh, Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, billionaire and philanthropist, opened the MiSK Global Forum with an exclusive announcement regarding his future collaboration with the MiSK Foundation on the MiSK Grand Challenge.

Bill Gates, at the MiSK Global Forum

Bill Gates, at the MiSK Global Forum

“The MiSK Grand Challenge will help us identify innovative solutions to improve education and inspire global citizenship among today’s youth. Over the next three years, we’ll jointly pick 100 of the best ideas submitted by young people around the world. Every recipient will receive 100,000 USD to develop their concept and demonstrate its viability. And for some of those proposals that show great promise, we’ll provide an additional funding. (…) I am excited about this initiative because I love challenging young people to solve very tough problems and to pursue their dreams. I know that is an aspiration I share with the Crown Prince, we both value ambition, boldness and taking risks on ideas with the potential to be truly transformative. We are counting on all of you here, and young people around the world, to provide the ingenuity that is required to make the world a better place for everyone. Thank you.”

We are looking forward to the next two days of debate at the #MGF2017 !

Published on 14 November 2017