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The “Sky pod”, Dubai’s Next Futuristic Means of Transport

At the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Road and Transport Authority unveiled its latest project: the Sky pod, a futuristic mobility system that requires only one tenth of the infrastructure of conventional public transport systems.

This futuristic means of transport is unique. According to the Road and Transport Authority, its energy consumption will be five times lower than an electric car’s one. In addition, this type of capsule will only require one-tenth of the infrastructure of conventional public transport systems.

Two models to come: the Unibike & Unicar

Soon, Dubai residents will be able to use the sky pod and will have a choice between two models: the Unibike and the Unicar.

While the first model is a small means of transport, capable of accommodating up to five people and travelling at a maximum speed of 150 km/h, the second model has been designed to carry up to six people over a distance of up to 200 km and has a maximum speed identical to that of the first model. Currently in draft form, the future sky pods should be in place by 2030.

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Published on 22 February 2019