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The tale of the one-handed Syrian gamer and streamer

Ahmed Maher Baker is a model of resilience within the community of Arab players of the game Garena Free Fire. The young Syrian, who calls himself “Meshako” in the middle, is known to be the first Arab one-handed player and streamer.

Not everyone can make a name for themselves in e-sports, and even less so when they only play with one hand. At the age of 20, Ahmed Maher Baker is the new rising star in the Arab world among the fans of the first-person shooter mobile phone game Garena Free Fire.

More than 34,000 subscribers

Known under the nickname “Meshako” or, as he says in his description, “the one-handed player”, Ahmed has the particularity of playing Garena Free Fire with his only right hand. The young man was 17 years old when he lost his left hand in a work accident in a plastic factory in Turkey, where he was a refugee.


Depressed and without job opportunities, Ahmed found support and a way to keep his mind occupied in the game Garena Free Fire and its community of 450 million online gamers. With a lot of resilience and training, the young Syrian managed to climb up the levels to make a name for himself in the game. In November 2019, he even launched his streaming channel on Youtube, which now has more than 34,000 subscribers and making him the first one-handed Arabic gamer and streamer.

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Published on 28 May 2020