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The United Arab Emirates install a vending machine for… smartphones!

Woman using cellphone to pay the vending machine

The trend is developing all over the world, and the United Arab Emirates is no exception to the rule: more and more everyday items are available in vending machines. The latest one: the smartphone. Explanations...

After toothbrushes, pizza, or even live crabs (yep), it is the smartphone’s turn to get their spot inside vending machines. It is, in fact, an initiative of the Emirate telecommunications company Etisalat, in partnership with Adnoc Distribution. The two companies have just commissioned the UAE’s first smartphone vending machine. 



Located in Abu Dhabi, more precisely at Adnoc’s gas station on the Corniche, it allows customers with an Emirate ID card to purchase smartphones within 5 minutes, any time of the day or night. 


A number of accessories and headphones are also available for purchase, both for Android and iOS.