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The Venice Biennale exposes the history of Palestine

For the 59th edition of the contemporary art event, the Venice Biennale adopts the theme “Palestine with Art” by presenting nineteen artists from Palestine with historical, memorial and creative views.

In partnership with the Palestine Museum, an independent organization, the Venice Biennale offers its public paintings, sculptures and photographs. Artists such as Jacqueline Bejan, Nabil Anani or Lux Eterna take place in this exhibition, which opens with its centerpiece: a real olive tree whose branches support keys, symbolically those of refugees, signifying their right of return. Like a journey through time, visitors walk through a historical map of the country from floor to ceiling and are followed by a soundtrack delivering the messages of Palestinians in music. The Biennale offers a complete immersive and sensory show.


Telling the story of Palestine’s past and future

Art was chosen as the most effective way to tell the story of Palestine to the world. The themes of exile and occupation are constantly recurring throughout the works. However, the majority of the exhibition focuses on the beauty of Palestine, its cultural heritage and its people. The exhibition delivers a message of struggle and hope from artists who seek to find or regain their place in the very place where they live.

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Published on 27 April 2022