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These bloggers are shaking up beauty standards in the Middle East

Thin, tall, with perfect skin… beauty standards have always existed, especially for women. To fight these standards, more and more bloggers from the Middle East are advocating more inclusiveness in the fashion industry. An overview of those that are making a sensation today and influencing a new generation.

Shahad Salman


Quite often when you leaf through a fashion magazine, the perfect skin of the models is obvious. And yet, the Arab model Shahad Salman has managed to break the codes. Like the famous Canadian model, Winnie Harlow, Shahad Salman is a Saudi blogger and model known for having vitiligo, a chronic pigmentation disease that causes the development of colorless plaques on the body. Over the years, the young model has turned her illness into strength and finally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Vogue Arabia, alongside Winnie Harlow.

Dalal Al-Doub


Long invisible on the podiums, in recent years the hijab has made a significant breakthrough in the world of beauty and fashion through social networks. Thanks to her 2.5 million Instagram subscribers, Kuwaiti blogger Dalal Al-Doub is one of the most prominent Hijab bloggers in the Arab world. Many world-renowned brands such as Marc Jacobs and Dior collaborate with her, demonstrating that the hijab and the fashion industry are not so foreign to each other.

Ameni Esseibi


Among the beauty standards required, slimness is at the top of the list. But for the past two years, a model of Franco-Tunisian origin, Ameni Esseibi, has been shaking up the codes thanks to her status as the first “plus-size” model in the Arab world. While it has long struggled to find a curved model agency, Ameni Esseibi achieved her first great success in 2018 by signing with three local model agencies and another victory last April, by participating in a campaign for the online luxury fashion retail platform, Farfetch.

Saint Manar

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For a long time, hair did not go hand in hand with the codes of female beauty, especially in the Arab world. To break with this idea rooted in many mentalities, the one who identifies herself as Manar on social networks has recently made female hair a most natural right. In response to a negative comment asking her to delete a picture of her hairy arms, Manar responded to her critics by proudly posting new close-up photos of her arms.ย 

Yulianna Yussef


Since birth, Lebanese blogger Yualianna Yussef has been living with the congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN), a dermatological lesion that causes major birthmarks that cover most of her back and extends to her stomach. Today her Instagram account where she shares her travels, her passion for fitness or her lifestyle trends has more than 100,000 subscribers and the influencer is admired by everyone, and especially by those who, like her, do not have a body without imperfections.

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Published on 30 July 2019