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These Emirates women who have the world at their feet

On the occasion of the Emirati Women’s Day, KAWA draws attention to 3 profiles of women who embody the success and emancipation of women.

Shayma Fawwaz 


She is perhaps the one who best embodies the modern UAE woman. Dr. Shayma Fawwaz is the founder and CEO of GOSSIP The Brand, a multi-service platform, which operates in the food industry, with GOSSIP Café and Desserts, as well as in events and beauty. 


With a Ph.D. in genetics, she gained experience in the health field before moving on to the entrepreneurial adventure. By her own admission, the Gulf region, and even more so, the United Arab Emirates, is a land of opportunities, especially for women: “In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has focused on women’s rights and much is being done by creating opportunities for women in the workforce in various positions, including management positions, so that they can fully exploit their potential.


May Al Jaber


Mai Al Jaber’s journey commands respect. The woman who entered medicine to follow her ideals first served in the UAE army as First Medical Lieutenant. This experience brought her to Afghanistan to deliver care in 2010. Today, although she has reached a position of responsibility – she is Medical Director of Healthpoint Hospital, and a public health specialist – she continues to work with Zayed Military Hospital.

Credits : Healthpoint Abu Dhabi

Dr. Al Jaber is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Fatima Bint Mubarak Academy of Women’s Sports, as well as a member of the Executive Board of the Special Olympic Committee of the United Arab Emirates… She alone corrects women’s attendance figures in leadership positions, and one can hardly imagine her workload! 


Hanan Mazouzi Sobati


We chose her a little bit for the symbol. Hanan Mazouzi is the face behind Arabian Gazelles, the first club of women lovers of luxury cars and racing entirely reserved for women in the United Arab Emirates. 

Credits : emirateswoman

Among other things, she was able to take over Dubai Speedway for a whole day, on the occasion of the first day of track racing entirely reserved for women. An initiative that has earned the Arabian Gazelles a lot of attention in the international press, especially in Forbes magazine.  

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Published on 28 August 2019