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This blind Iraqi girl realizes her dream of becoming a radio presenter

She lost her sight due to a lack of access to health care during the Daesh occupation of Mosul city… However, this does not prevent this young Iraqi woman from fulfilling her dream: working as a radio host.

Her name is Noor Tae’e, she is a teenager and she lost the use of her eyes in 2016, during the occupation of Mosul by the Islamic State, due to lack of access to healthcare. It was a hard blow for the young woman who dreamed of becoming a radio host…

Optimism and motivation

However, the young girl did not disassemble herself and continued to believe in her dream and to give herself the means to achieve her goal. Resolutely optimistic, the young woman who now presents a program on her local radio station is already aspiring to greater things: “I would like to cover a wider range of subjects. Today, I am working on Mosul, but one day maybe all of Iraq, the Arab world, and maybe even the whole world.

In the absence of television and Internet access during the occupation period, the girl could only rely on radio as a source of entertainment. Today, she has become a source of inspiration for her listeners, but also for her professional circle and her family, who see her as a symbol of hope.

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Published on 22 November 2019