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This man walked 6500 kilometers from England to Mecca for Hajj

At the age of 53, a man from Wolverhampton in England has walked nearly 6500 kilometers to reach Mecca on time for the hajj. Leaving in the summer of 2021, Adam Mohammed has become a TikTok star in spite of himself thanks to a beautiful message and a great adventure!

Adam Mohammed reached the holy city last month, just in time to participate in the pilgrimage. He crossed ten different countries, accompanied only by a cart that served as a shelter and his courage.

A message of humility and courage

The man left the United Kingdom for more than 10 months with the only motivation to: “show the world that we are all equal”, a beautiful message of humility. Adam also built himself a cart weighing between 200 and 250 kg, used as a mobile home. The pilgrim shared and documented his challenge on TikTok. He received more than 400,000 followers, 2.8 million likes, but also where he was flooded with positive comments. A fundraising page was also opened, collecting more than £26,000 which will be used to fund solidarity associations.


♬ لبيك اللهم لبيك_تلبية الحجاج بصوت عذب وجميل – أدعية دينية وتلاوة القرآن الكريم

A hajj as a reward

When arriving at his destination, Adam said that reaching Medina and Mecca was his “greatest reward”, as well as finding his wife and two daughters there. His arrival meant for him not only the completion a journey but the fufulfillment of his dream.

Adam still wanted to reassure his supporters, he will make the return journey from Mecca to Wolverhampton by plane!