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Thomas Gugler, portrait of the Emirati cuisine’s number one ambassador

Thomas Gugler, the executive master chef of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Thomas Gugler arrived in Dubai in 2002, as the executive master chef of Saudi Arabian Airlines. In 17 years, he has completely revolutionized the food scene in Dubai, in particular by co-founding the Arabian Chefs Association.

An international chef…

In his 35 year-career, Thomas Gugler has worked in 13 different countries, from 5-star hotels to high class restaurants, from hospitals to airlines, and as a caterer to an university teacher.

Seven years after creating the Arabian Chefs Association, he was appointed president of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies. In this organisation, he’s leading over 10 million members across 110 countries. He wishes to show consumers all the trades’ facets by organising various events all over the world.

… Dedicated to his adoptive country’s culinary heritage

In Dubai, the catering sector is still taking its first steps forward and cooking standards could be better. In spite of continuous efforts, Thomas Gugler considers there’s still a lot left to do. This perfectionist hopes socio-political changes and tourism expansion in the UAE are going to help the hospitality industry to take off.

Seduced by the local cuisine, he declares his preferences lean towards the country’s traditional meals. Today, his goal is to bring out this legacy and to reveal it to the rest of the world.