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Top: 5 Arabic movies that will make you shiver for Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween! A date on which we all like to spook ourselves and others. To celebrate this occasion, here is a list of 5 Arab movies that will make you shiver for sure…

1 – Bloodline


It’s being released today on the Shahid VIP streaming platform, and it’s simply the very first vampire movie in the Arab world. We might as well tell you that it arouses our curiosity. It tells the story of two parents who are willing to take absolutely all the risks for their son who is in a coma.


2 – 122


After a serious accident, a couple hospitalized in a horrible hospital finds themselves separated. The objective: to find each other, and to escape. A breathtaking thriller released last year and directed by Yasir al-Yasiri.


3 – Al-Hareth


This film tells the story of a traumatized couple after hearing the (fictional) story of an evil being looking for a wife on a moonless night. Another Egyptian film, whose title could be translated as “The ploughman”.


4 – Kandisha


Traumatized by the loss of her child, a brilliant criminal lawyer deals with a case involving an old Moroccan legend: that of a vengeful spirit named “Kandisha“. We won’t tell you more for fear of spoiling the adventure.


5 – Djinn


If you liked paranormal activity, look no further, Djinn is for you. In this film, an Emirati couple devastated by the loss of their child begins to experience strange events. They discover that their new apartment is built on a cemetery where malevolent beings lie.


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Published on 30 October 2020