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Tourism in Iraq: 5 must-see sites to visit

Shorja market, Bagdad, Iraq.

In the eyes of the world, Iraq is often referred to through the wars that shake its territory. As a result, tourism in Iraq is struggling to develop. However, this country in the north of the Arabian Peninsula is a real historical jewel. Between places of worship and archaeological sites, Iraq reveals all the magic of the East. Although it is still unstable, the country could become a beautiful tourist destination... Here are 5 must-see sites to visit.   

1 – Babylon, ancient city of Mesopotamia


The city of Babylone, Iraq.


Symbol of Iraq, the ancient city of Babylon has known the opulence of the hanging gardens and the looting of war. Bruised, the site is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 5, 2019. A relief for all those who work to protect this treasure. A testimony to the history of humanity, the ruins of Babylon are located 85 km south of Baghdad. A breathtaking journey through time. 


2 – The Abbasid Palace in Baghdad


It was under the Abbasid caliphate that the city of Baghdad was born. From this period remains the Abbasid Palace, one of the oldest buildings in the Iraqi capital. Built according to the codes of Islamic architecture, the palace consists of arcades, muqarnas (ornamental pattern) and a large iwan (vaulted hall). According to the research, the building would have been built in order to accommodate a Koranic school.  


3 – Hatra, ancient city


Hatra, a large fortified city, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Its sanctuaries dating back two millennia, with Roman, Greek and Eastern influences, were destroyed by the Islamic State in 2015. In 2017, UNESCO confirmed the liberation of the archaeological site of Hatra, reiterating its commitment to protecting Iraqi heritage. 


4 – The site of Ashur


Dating from the third millennium BC, the ancient city of Ashur lies on the banks of the Tigris River in northern Iraq. It was the first capital of the Assyrian Empire, as well as the place where kings were crowned and buried. Today, the ruins reveal residential and public structures.


5 – The citadel of Erbil


The citadel of Erbil, iraq.


Located in the mountainous region of Kurdistan, the citadel of Erbil was built in the form of a mound. Numerous facades of houses follow one another, giving the citadel the appearance of a fortress overlooking the city of Erbil. According to the latest excavations, remains of older settlements are hidden in the hill…