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Tourism in the Comoros: 5 incredible sites to visit

Called “Islands of the Moon”, the Comoros archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar. Still little known to tourists, the different islands are bathed in an authentic atmosphere, with a rich fauna and flora. Here are 5 incredible sites to visit during a stay in Comoros.

1 – The marine reserve of Nioumadioua

If there is an incredible site to visit in the Comoros, it is the marine reserve of Nioumadioua village, south of Moheli island. Whales, dolphins, rays, giant sea turtles, so many protected species that populate the seabed of this breathtaking place. Accessible by boat from the village, the reserve extends over several islets, where you can go diving or simply snorkeling. Finally, if your dream is to see whales, go from June to October, when they migrate in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

2 – The beaches of Itsamia and the turtles’ nesting

In the small fishing village of Itsamia, the surrounding beaches are a favorite place for green turtles. About 2500 of them come to lay their eggs on the island every year. Unfortunately, the poaching rate is high, so the inhabitants and the ADSEI association (Association for the economic development of Itsamia) have been working since 1991 to ensure their protection. Organized and supervised visits by volunteers are offered to visitors, with the possibility of accommodation. Do not hesitate to ask for information when organizing your stay in the Comoros!

3 – Moroni, capital of Comoros

Located on the west coast of the island of Grande Comore, the capital of Moroni is home to a port that provides access to the other islands of the archipelago, but also to Madagascar and the African continent. There are many things to see in the city: the Badjanani district and its numerous mosques, the national museum retracing the history of Comoros, the medina and its multiple bazaars, as well as the Petit Marché and its Indian jewelry shops. A must-see stop when you visit Comoros.

4 – The Ylang Ylang distillery in the north of the Comoros island

In the Comoros, the journey is also olfactory. Let yourself be intoxicated by the scent of ylang-ylang flowers, in the distillery of Saloi, on the island of Anjouan. Created in 2015, the place contributes to the economic development of the island and perpetuates a local know-how. You can get a high quality essential oil there, from sustainable development and 100% organic. A nice souvenir from this incredible site in the Comoros.

5 – The Karthala volcano, one of the largest in the world

Sportsmen can climb the Karthala volcano, the largest active crater in the world. With the help of a guide, the proposed hikes can take you to the summit, at 2361 meters above sea level. From this highest point of the archipelago, enjoy an idyllic, breathtaking panorama. Count 5 to 6 hours of walking, with the possibility of sleeping in bivouac. An incredible site of Comoros to spend a night under the stars.

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Published on 5 May 2022