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UAE Government Announces a Series of Initiatives in Favour of Women

Women Listening to an MP3 Player Over Coffee in Dubai, UAE © Peter Adams/Corbis

19 Mar 2007, Dubai, United Arab Emirates --- Women Listening to an MP3 Player Over Coffee --- Image by © Peter Adams/Corbis

Equal pay for both genders, a guide for parity in work places, a Council for Gender Balance... In recent years, the United Arab Emirates has made considerable progress in reducing the gap between men and women. Will they go even further?

This week marks a new step forward for UAE women. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Sovereign of Dubai, chaired a special session at the headquarters of the General Women’s Union, which approved a series of initiatives for empowering women in the country and thereby contributing to the UAE’s development.

An encyclopedia of Emirian women

In order to report on the successes achieved by the country’s women, it was decided during this meeting that a media centre would be set up. Also, to encourage the participation of women in the United Arab Emirates’ judicial system, new policies will be established shortly. This set of changes is intended not only to increase the number of women in leadership positions in various industries over time, but also to increase the number of women participating in diplomatic missions.

This special session also saw the launch of the Encyclopedia of Emirati Women, a book that lists and describes the achievements and successes of the nation’s women.

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