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UAE, Saudi Arabia classified amongst top destinations for female solo travelers

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are emerging as top destinations for solo female travelers, excelling in safety, activities, and gender equality, according to a report by InsureMyTrip.

Dubai: Top Destination for Female Solo Travelers

Dubai, a city in the UAE, claims the top spot as the best city for solo female travellers with an overall score of 8.12 out of 10. The city’s safety rating stands at 8.95, and it receives a perfect score of 10 for feeling safe walking alone at night. In addition, Dubai surpasses New York as the premier tourism destination, scoring 9.78 for the variety of activities available and receiving a 5-star rating for TikTok popularity.


Medina: A Safe Haven

InsureMyTrip has named Medina, Saudi Arabia, as the world’s safest city. With an impressive overall safety score of 9.29, Medina boasts a 9.3 out of 10 rating for a lack of concern about gender-based attacks and an 82.75 score for feeling secure while walking alone at night. The city ranks seventh among the best places for solo female travelers.


Riyadh’s Remarkable Rise

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has seen a remarkable improvement in its ratings, climbing from 60th place in 2022 to 24th place in 2023. The most notable increase has been in the area of gender equality. Riyadh also ranks 23rd out of 65 in terms of tourism quality.



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Published on 7 April 2023

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