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UAE TV channels is broadcasting Chinese shows

A Chinese smart TV © Youtube

A Chinese smart TV © Youtube

Since last month, popular Chinese TV programmes, especially dramas, have been broadcast in the UAE. For China, this means expanding its cultural influence. For the EAU, this is the promise of reinforced trade relations.

It all began with a signing ceremony between Chinese and Emirati officials. With this agreement, both countries confirm they wanted to reinforce their trade ties, which was already announced by the first visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. The contract includes no less than 6 series and two films, among which a Chinese version of Gossip Girl and the medical drama The Doctors. All these contents will be dubbed in Arabic before being broadcast.

2 countries getting to know each other

For the General Consul of China in Dubai, Li Lingbing, this will allow both countries to “get to know their new commercial partner’s culture”. She also declared China wanted to open up to other Middle Eastern countries.

According to Ossama Morra, head of media in the Sharjah Department of Culture and senior consultant with China Arab TV, “understanding the culture of your trade partners is the first step to build a durable relationship”. In the UAE, the public can now discover TV broadcasts that are much different than the American or Bollywoodian films it is used to watching.