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UNESCO pays Tribute to Arab Poetry in Paris During World Poetry Day

On the occasion of World Poetry Day on Wednesday, 21 March, UNESCO is celebrating this form of cultural and linguistic expression and identity by organizing the Poetry Night in Paris.

During one evening, the international organization will honour Arabic poetry by reading a selection of poems by Prince Badr ben Abdul Mohsen ben Abdul Aziz Al Saud, as well as an exhibition of contemporary art, thus echoing the Arab and Saudi artistic scene.

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A Saudi poet, a true tribute to Arab poetry

Prince Badr Bin Abdul Mohsen, a famous poet on the Arab and Saudi scene, has the art of combining through his verses a form of seduction, pride and lamentation that depicts, with eloquence, the social and political realities in the Arab world.

Today, many of his verses have been covered by Arab artists and musicians in their songs. By inviting such a poet to this edition of Poetry Night, UNESCO is paying a real tribute to Saudi poetry and more generally to Arab poetry.

Published on 21 March 2019