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United Arab Emirates: first NASA space camp to be held this summer

Just like the space camps organized each summer by NASA in all Europe and North America, the first educational course of this kind in Gulf countries will be held this summer in Dubai for children and teenagers.

Every summer, NASA organizes camps on space-related topics for 9- to 18-year-old children. Supervised by experts from the American space agency, these educational courses had never been held in Gulf countries before. Through its agency International Compass, NASA organizes for the first time, in August, a 9 to 14-year-old children camp dedicated to space and rockets.

Knowing about space missions

This is an opportunity for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to train its youth on the very technical bases of aerodynamics and rocket design, rocket launch and propulsion systems. It will also teach the basics of astronauts’ material and physical preparation for space missions, ways of living and working in space and on Mars. They will even have the great privilege to taste astronaut real food! The construction of their own rocket models and the participation in a technical design competition are also on the agenda.

During the camps, NASA offers trainees the opportunity to learn more about its current missions with highly experienced teachers from the United States, Canada and Europe. They will provide children with all the information they need to set up a team on Mars and space travel. They will also teach the required skills to specialize in this technical area, such as engineering and mathematics, and above all critical thinking and creativity.

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The second one of this kind in the country

This high-level camp, which aims to educate young Emirati students in space science, is the second one of this kind in the country. A specific program for Emirati students was held last December, also in Dubai. It ended significantly with a launching test of their rocket prototypes in the Dubai desert. The desire to train Emirati youth in high-tech fields does not come only from the UAE. Indeed, this summer camp is a NASA initiative, which aims to open its courses and offer opportunities to all, from all over the world, to receive a great education in the field.

Published on 3 July 2018