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Wadi Rum: the unmissable Bedouin experience in the Jordanian valley

Located at the southern tip of Jordan, the Valley of the Moon, as it is known, offers its visitors a fascinating experience. Wadi Rum is one of the must-see places to visit during a trip to Jordan, as much for its extraordinary landscapes as for its cultural wealth.

A natural and cultural site not to be missed

Offering spectacular landscapes, this desert has very particular characteristics such as its numerous rock formations. The mountains, cliffs, caves and natural arches make the valley a place that breaks with the idea of uniform deserts only composed of dunes.

In addition, Wadi Rum has nearly 25,000 petroglyphs and archaeological remains that bear witness to 12,000 years of human occupation and interaction with the natural environment. These marks trace the evolution of human thought and the beginnings of alphabetic writing, as well as providing information about pastoral, agricultural and urban activities in the region.


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A night as an obligatory passage

The desert often beckons tourists to activities such as four-wheel-drive excursions, camel rides, rock climbing, and hiking tours. In addition to offering all these possibilities, Wadi Rum has specialized in welcoming visitors after dark, making night time an inevitable leisure activity.

Having once been a Bedouin camp site, the site offers tourists the chance to experience their way of life (in a slightly more luxurious way). The promise of a sky punctuated with stars encourages more and more travelers to opt for a camp in the middle of nowhere, where the nomadic way of life meets modern comfort. From a night in a sheltered cave to a camp with a swimming pool, to a panoramic tent or a “bubbles“, Jordan offers many types of accommodation to suit all expectations.

As a bonus, the camps offer a total immersion in the Bedouin culture, from the decoration of the accommodation to the local meals offered. So, what are you waiting for to try the experience?

Published on 13 June 2022