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What are these Hollywood stars doing in Syria?

Crédits : Stephany Sanossian (Instagram)

Lately, through Stephany Sanossian's work, Syria has managed to regain a semblance of lightness. This Syrian-Armenian shows American superstars in the country, whose image is relieved by these few artistic breaths.



What are Kanye West and the entire Kardashian clan doing in the streets of Aleppo? Since when have Syrian street life and private parties been attracting the top Hollywood talent? Quite simply since Stephany Sanossian decided so.


A message to be spread


The Syrian-Armenian artist will surely have fooled no one, a look, even if not very experienced, is able to see that these are montages. If she chose to create these situations from scratch, it was for fun, but also to get a message across.



“Show the true face of Syria”


“Westerners seem to know the Middle East only in the context of war, she explains. This is the case when it comes to Syria, which has a rich culture. I would like to change that”. Stephany Sanossian was born and raised in Aleppo and then went on to study in Lebanon. Since then, the young woman has explained that she feels a certain nostalgia and wishes to show the world the true face of her country, without the scars of war.



An artist in the making


A mission that it could carry out thanks to her growing visibility (6500 followers on Instagram, 30% increase in less than a week). In the same way, it wishes to increase the reputation of the region’s artists in the West.


This is not the artist’s first try, since she had already staged an “Aleppo Fashion Week”, and co-founded the “Live Love Armenia” project, which aims to reconnect the Armenian diaspora with the West Asian country.