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What if you could make your own perfume ?

Making your own perfume by combining aromas, spices and ointments ais now possible thanks to Nota Nota. The Saudi creation, an intuitive device to create personal fragrances share them with other users, has made its mark in the Missle-East, and is now targeting Western markets.

At a time when tailor-made services are back in fashion, where DIY is booming and IoT (Internet of Things) is set to be the future of consumer goods, a reckless young Saudi has succeeded in combining trends in order to create a very singular project. Abdullah Bahabri is the founder of Nota Nota, an idea that might become a disruptive breach in the established world of perfumery. And his creation is willing to confidently make its mark in Europe.

Nota Nota accompanies you in your small olfactory experiences

First of all, Nota Nota is a machine to create your own perfumes. Sold with a complete brilliantly designed box containing twenty-four capsules of aromas and about thirty vaporizers, it allows you to make an ultra-personalized perfume in just seconds. To hell with the chemist glasses and lab coats, follow the guide! Nota Nota accompanies you in your small olfactory experiences with a digital platform that guides your concoctions. This platform offers individualized fragrances depending on the day or the mood.

But the experience does not end there. Nota Nota is also a social network application with a community of users. It gives you a chance to become the new internationally recognized master perfumer. For that, all you need is to give a name to your creation and to share it on the network. The community gives marks that could well raise the budding perfumer to the rank of influencer.

The start-up arrives on the European markets

Abdullah Bahabri, who attended the Saudi Design Week in 2016, the CES (Customers Electronics Show) in Las Vegas in January, and the Viva Tech exhibition in Paris last month, is not only passionate about unconventional business. He also doesn’t hide his ambitions. By participating in the world’s biggest events related to new technologies and innovation, he strives for making his start-up be successful beyond Saudi borders, as his creation is already on sale in the Kingdom.

Adullah Bahabri attending to Viva Technology in May 2018

Adullah Bahabri attending to Viva Technology in May 2018

By building his “smart personal perfume mixing machine” in Abdullah’s own words, Nota Nota intends to disrupt the perfume industry, especially in Europe where Abdullah hopes to make a niche for his creation. “I think this is a common culture background, says the entrepreneur. It’s embodied in both cultures. In Arabia, perfume is part of the culture since centuries. The famous scent codes are built on Oudh particularly. And nowadays, French perfumery is also very common in Saudi, people do love to wear both French perfume and scents that come from the region.”

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Published on 17 July 2018