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When photography serves the children of Gaza

This summer, the website of Darat Al Tasweer, an institute specialised in photography, created in 2007 by the Jordanian photographer Linda Al Khoury, became the repository for the pictures of more than 80 famous photographers from all over the world. Her goal? To sell these works to raise funds to help children in Gaza.

Conceived by Jordanian photographer Linda Al-Khoury, founder of Darat Al Tasweer, and photographers Iman Al-Dabbagh, Sharif Sarhan and Laura Boushnak, the print sale was organised to help the children and photographers of Gaza.

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So the photographer and her colleagues decided to organise a digital print sale in order to reach people beyond Jordan. A successful gamble as in a few days the group managed to convince 80 photographers to donate one image each, which will be sold at a fixed price of $100.

For the project initiative, “All the photographers we contacted quickly accepted the invitation to participate. We are very grateful for the trust they have placed in us and the campaign”. 

And the success of the sale was considerable! In just four days after its launch, more than 100 orders were placed. A total of 240 prints were sold by the end of the campaign. From the United States to Brazil, from Australia to Egypt, this project has had an impact, with orders coming in from all continents. 

The aim now is to direct the proceeds of these sales towards “setting up funds for small production projects by Gazan photographers” as well as towards “organising art therapy sessions, trying to reach as many children as possible in Gaza“, explained Ms Al-Khoury …

And the creator of this beautiful project does not intend to stop there! Satisfied with the success of the campaign, Al-Khoury now plans to hold these sales as regularly as possible to continue supporting the photographers

To find out more about the prints, go directly to the website: 

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Published on 27 August 2021