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WWE: Saudi man wins Super Showdown

In a packed Al-Jowhara stadium, Mansoor Al-Shehail won the Super Showdown, a real “battle royale”, that no less than fifty wrestling superstars competed in.

There must be only one… We are not about to announce a sequel to the highlander saga, but of to report the victory of Saudi wrestler Mansoor Al-Shehail. Last Friday, June 7, the man they call “Manny Faberino” managed to win in the middle of a panel of wrestling superstars from all over the world, during the Super Showdown, organized by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), in Jeddah.

50 fighters, only 1 winner

A new page in the history of wrestling was written that evening in the Al-Jowhara stadium in King Abdullah Sports City. In living memory, this Super Showdown represents the largest “battle royale” ever organized by WWE. In the open night sky, otherwise illuminated by fireworks, the fight lasted more than 25 minutes, at the end of which the Saudi athlete triumphed among 50 superstars.

The family event brought together spectators of all ages, who all expressed their joy at being able to attend this type of event live. “It’s a dream come true,” Jabr Al-Rasheed told ArabNews, “Since I was a kid, I’ve been watching WWE, and now I can see, live, all the wrestlers I love in front of me.

Stars in the eyes

At the end of the match, the grand winner expressed his emotion in a short interview, during which he said : “Honestly, before the match, there was a period when I didn’t think I would be able to win. I never thought I’d have the chance to be in the ring. I took this opportunity and showed everyone what I am capable of, and what the Saudis are capable of, when they are given the chance to do their best, to do what they are passionate about.

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Inspiring Saudi youth

On the eve of the match, Al-Shehail had also explained the source of his motivation to perform on his native land, at the microphone of WWE’s Byron Saxton: “I want every man, woman and child in Saudi Arabia to be able to see another Saudi man’s arm raised at the end of the match. As a child, I didn’t have this chance, and I think it can have an impact on future generations”.

Published on 11 June 2019

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