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4 unusual destinations for skiing in the Arab world

Despite the desert-like appearance and the arid dimension of the region’s landscapes, the Arab world also has its ski slopes. And they have nothing to envy to the Alps! Here are the 4 must-see resorts!

1. Mzaar Kfardebian, Lebanon

Mzaar is the largest ski resort in the Middle East with 80 km of slopes. The atmosphere and climate are very similar to those of the Alps, and its highest peak is the Mzaar Dome, which reaches 2,465 meters. Its summit offers a dazzling peripheral view to those who climb it: to the west the Mediterranean Sea and Beirut only 40 km away, to the east Syria. A breathtaking view!


2. Oukaïmeden, Morocco

Oukaïmeden is perched at an altitude of 2,650 meters in the High Atlas Mountains. This resort is one of the highest and most modern resorts in Africa. A change of scenery is guaranteed at only 75 km south of Marrakech.



3. Korek Mountain, Iraq

The Korek resort is suitable for beginners and advanced skiers. It is essentially made up of two slopes: one for skiing and the other for sledding. It also offers many activities to do with family and friends such as the sky swing, an attraction between zip line and hang gliding 30 meters above the ground in the heart of its unique mountain oasis.



4. Ski Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai has the largest indoor ski slope in the world, stretching over 400m. 5 slopes offer skiing, luge and bobsleigh. Freestyle is also possible thanks to its snowpark. Additional experiences such as the Snow Bullet Ride are offered for even more thrills!



Between sun and snow, there is something for everyone!


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Published on 23 February 2022