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48 hours in Jerash

Some call it the “Pompeii of the Middle East”. And for good reason: the city of Jerash, in Jordan, is one of the most spectacular Greco-Roman sites in the world. Situated 48 km north of the capital Amman, the ancient city is immersed in a green landscape, between majestic pine trees and century-old olive trees. Another facet of the kingdom that contrasts with the arid red desert of Petra.

Looted, victim of earthquakes and the site of many clashes between Crusaders and Muslims in the 11th century, Jerash was destroyed. But covered in large part by the sand, the city kept its ruins. Fallen into oblivion, the archaeological site of Jerash was rediscovered by the German explorer Ulrich Seetzen in 1806. But it was not until 1925 that excavations were organized to clear the site. These were resumed in 1980 and are part of an international cooperation project called the Jerash Archeological Project. A colossal task that made it possible to launch tourism in northern Jordan. Here is our itinerary!


Jerash, an appointment with the antique dealer


Like an open-air museum, Jerash opens its doors to you with Hadrian’s Arch. An impressive 21-metre high arch, built in 129 AD as a tribute to the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This first vestige will then give you access to the racecourse, which at the time could accommodate up to 15,000 people. Then walk along the stone walls and get ready for the spectacle: the Oval Forum Square with its 56 Roman columns. An immersion in Antiquity that will leave you speechless! Then join the Cardo Maximus (central axis of the Roman cities) and access the Temple of Zeus. Erected in the 2nd century AD, it overlooks the site and offers a breathtaking view. Behind the building is the south theatre. Restored, it has retained its former splendour. Have fun testing the acoustics of the place! Finish your visit by the temple of Artemis and the North theatre. Intact with beauty, the vestiges of Jerash will make you forget, in a few hours, the world of today. 


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Jordan, Jerash. The Roman city of Jerasa is the most important country of the Jordanian and one of the largest in the Middle East. Its two theaters and the Odeon is a sign of development and importance. In the image very balanced view of odeon in proportions and excellent acoustics. 🌟🌟 🇪🇸 Jordania, Jerash. La ciudad romana de Jerasa es la más importante del país jordano y unas de las más grandes de Oriente Medio. Sus dos teatros y el odeon es una muestra de su desarrollo e importancia. En la imagen la vista del odeon muy equilibrado en proporciones y con una acústica excelente. ❤️ #ig_worldclub #ig_sharepoint  #EUROPE_GALLERY#instatraveling #igmasters #igersmood #EarthPix #instaphoto #igworldclub #natgeovisual #ig_global_life #igtravel #wow_captures #worldplaces #earth_deluxe #people_and_world #adventure_culture  #travelgram  #phototag_it #travel #traveler #girl #fashion #beauty #heritage #women #art #architecture

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Spend at least half a day visiting Jerash! Then, the next day, why not visit Ajlun Castle? A 30-minute drive from the archaeological site, the monument is perched on a promontory at an altitude of 1100 metres. On a clear day, this location invites you to discover the region from an exceptional angle.

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Published on 18 August 2020