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48 hours in : Ammam

It’s Monday, but that’s no reason to be depressed because Monday is the day KAWA takes you to discover a new city in the Arab world. This week, we head to Jordan’s capital, Amman, for 48 hours of historical, cultural, and architectural exploration. Follow the guide!

A time trip to Jabal al-Qala’a 

Located on a hill in the city, the citadel of Jabal al-Qala’a is one of the oldest inhabited sites in the world. The first artifacts attest to the occupation of the site for more than 7000 years. Just that! It is therefore not an exaggeration to consider the site as a real open-air museum. Inside, tombs and substructures of the temple of Hercules dating from the Roman period patiently await the visit of history buffs. Can’t be missed! 

Commedia dell’Amman 

Have you been told there would be historical exploration? Good, because we continue here with a visit to the ancient theatre of Amman. Built by Emperor Antonin the Pious between 138 and 161 AD, it offers a very beautiful view of the city and the citadel enclosure. It should be noted that the theatre is still used for shows today, and it can accommodate up to 6,000 people (it is the largest in Jordan). 

A little spirituality at King Abdullah 1st Mosque

Located near the old city of Amman, King Abdullah I’s mosque was built between 1982 and 1989. It is not only the largest mosque in the city, but it is also most likely the most beautiful. And this can be seen both from the outside, with the immense blue mosaic dome overlooking it, and from the inside, with its marble ablutions rooms and its very beautiful prayer room. 

Day excursions 

If you have managed to set all these initial suggestions in a single day, you may want to get away from the city for the second day. Many excursions are possible, organized by operators or not, according to the tastes of the travelers. Then visit the unmissable site of Petra, the Church of St. George of Madaba, where there is a mosaic known to be the oldest cartographic representation that has come down to us of the Holy Land, and in particular Jerusalem, and the Decapolis. Lovers of the Holy Land can also opt for a hike on Mount Nebo, supposed to shelter Moses’ tomb.

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Published on 28 October 2019