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5 important figures of ancient Egypt

1 – Tutankhamun and his legendary treasure


Pharaoh of the New Kingdom (1336-1327 BC), Tutankhamun ascended the throne at the age of 9! His reign, nevertheless, would have lasted only about ten years. If he is today one of the most famous pharaohs of ancient Egypt, we owe his popularity to the sumptuous treasures found in his tomb. A tomb and mysterious riches, which according to experts, were not originally intended for the young king. A fascinating story that captivates the general public! And for good reason, the tomb of Tutankhamun is one of the most visited sites in the Valley of the Kings and many visitors flock to the Cairo Museum every day to admire the wonders of the child pharaoh.


2 – Akhenaton, revolutionary pharaoh of ancient Egypt


Change for better reign, such could be the motto of Akhenaten. Taking power in 1353 BC, the pharaoh broke with tradition. From an artistic point of view, he imposed new architectural styles, with temples whose structure was henceforth more open. In his way, Akhenaten also forced his people to venerate one and only god: Aten. A major upheaval for the Egyptians, who until then devoted rituals to several gods. If the latter were reintroduced at the death of the pharaoh, the artistic heritage crossed the times. This is why, today, Akhenaten is one of the most outstanding characters of ancient Egypt.

3 – Cleopatra VII, iconic figure of the Egyptian kingdom


Another outstanding character of ancient Egypt: Cleopatra VII. In the collective imagination, she is often represented as a beautiful, seductive and manipulative woman. A reductive scheme, for this sovereign, who contributed to restore the greatness of his kingdom. Cleopatra VII came to power in 51 BC, while Egypt was in crisis, plagued by famine. According to historian Bernard Legras, she undertook “a whole series of reforms to restore the economy.” Queen Cleopatra VII is also known for having established a political alliance with Rome, first with Julius Caesar, then with Mark Antony, with whom she had three children.

4 – Ramses II, mythical pharaoh of ancient Egypt



In what way is Ramses II an outstanding character of ancient Egypt? We can already mention the exceptional longevity of his reign which lasted 66 years! He is also a pharaoh renowned for having led a well-tried military strategy against the kingdom of Hatti, a rival power of Egypt. In terms of architecture, Ramses II left a significant mark by ordering the construction of impressive temples, such as those of Abu Simbel carved in the rock.

5 – Nefertiti, mysterious queen of ancient Egypt


If queen Nefertiti is said to be mysterious, it is because her origins are still uncertain. Even the place of her burial remains untraceable. Nevertheless, it is known that she was the wife of Akhenaten and that she brought an unfailing support to the religious revolution of her husband. Her devotion to the solar god Aten is the subject of certain representations where she appears as a high priestess.