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5 natural wonders to discover in the Middle East

Outstanding rock formations, green valleys as far as the eye can see, white sandy beaches… In the Middle East, landscapes vary from one region to another with one and only one promise: to amaze you! Here are five natural sites not to be missed.

1 – The White Desert of Egypt

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The temples of Luxor, the Sphinx of Giza and the pyramids are certainly the must-see sites to visit during a trip to Egypt. But far from these major tourist attractions, a geological phenomenon is worth the detour: the white desert. Located 400 kilometers from Cairo, between the oases of Al-Bahariya and Al-Farafra, this desert place combines golden sand, chalk and limestone. Rock formations, similar to mushrooms, stalactites or icebergs, then emerge from the ground. A moonscape giving free rein to the imagination…

2 – The Jebel Qara cellars in Saudi Arabia

Near the town of Hofuf, the hills of Jabal Qarah rise 225 meters above the sea. They are home to spectacular caves, which are said to be the origin of Ali Baba’s tale! In the heart of these underground cellars, the steep walls let the light shine through and make the show even more fascinating. The good news is that it is easily accessible through several trails.

3 – Ajloun Forest Reserve in Jordan

On a trip to Jordan, a stop in the wooded landscape of Ajloun is a must. If this thousand-year-old city is known for its castle dating back to the 12th century, it is also known for its nature reserve which was classified in 1988. An immense forest of 1300 hectares, populated by oaks, carob, strawberry and pistachio trees. In spring, wildflowers appear and further sublimate this green site. A real breath of fresh air!

4 – The Wadi Tiwi in Oman

Emblematic natural sites of the Omani mountains, the wadis promise an exceptional bathing experience. Tiwi is proof of this, with its lush palm grove and emerald waterholes. Stroll through the rocks and go from pool to pool to enjoy the show! Also known as the “Nine Village Gorge”, Wadi Tiwi is famous for its hamlets and terraced crops.

5 – Rabbit Island in Lebanon

Off the coast of Tripoli, Rabbit Island is a delight for travellers in search of idyllic beaches. Protected by UNESCO since 1992, this corner of paradise is home to endangered reptiles, turtles and migratory birds. Every year, the island hosts the Lebanon Water Festival. An event to promote water sports, ecotourism and the protection of the Lebanese coastline.

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Published on 11 February 2020