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5 reasons to live in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, the new Eldorado? According to a study carried out last October by Expat Explorer, the United Arab Emirates is one of the top 5 countries where it is good to live. Quality of infrastructure, diversity and inclusion are just some of the factors that make this destination such a success. Want to try it? Here are 5 reasons to go and live in the United Arab Emirates.

1 – A unique atmosphere


Between a change of scenery and friendliness, the United Arab Emirates offers a very pleasant living environment. The cultural experience is unique, oscillating between modernity and attachment to tradition. A duality that attracts people of all nationalities! Living in the UAE means rubbing shoulders with totally different cultures and being open to exchanges. Indeed, nearly 88% of residents come from abroad. You will therefore be in good company as an expatriate! 


2 – An attractive job market


The second reason to move to the UAE is to take advantage of a booming job market. In addition to the economy based on oil production and export, the UAE is developing new sectors, such as high technology, transport, tourism and finance. You are bound to find a job opportunity here! Good to know: English is a must, whatever your field of activity. 


3 – Advantageous working conditions


The other good thing about living in the United Arab Emirates is that you will benefit from an advantageous employment contract. Indeed, the company can take care of your accommodation, the purchase of furniture, but also your food or telephone package for example. These are things to negotiate when you sign your contract! Not to mention that the labour code is less rigid than in France. Hiring is easier, but so is firing! As a result, it is common to multiply your professional experience. 


4 – Numerous housing offers


In the UAE, you should have no difficulty finding accommodation. There are many offers of modern accommodation. The latter are located in large buildings in the city centre or in the outskirts in “compounds” (groups of villas). The most popular areas? Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Hill and Jumeirah in Dubai – Bateen, Khalidiya and Tourist Club in Abu Dhabi. 

5 – An environment of idyllic attractions and beaches


The UAE is also known for its entertainment! Camel racing, football and cricket matches, large shopping malls and lush parks are just some of the activities you can enjoy in your free time. Not forgetting the region’s beaches and the artificial islands off the coast of Dubai. Ideal for relaxing after work. As you can see, there is rarely a dull moment!


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Published on 26 November 2021


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