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5 startups to follow at the next Step Conference in Dubai

The 8th edition of Step Conference Dubai, the leading festival for new technologies in emerging markets, will be held from the next 11th to 12th of February. And this year, no less than 8,000 attendees, 400 start-ups and 100 companies are expected.

Located in the Internet City district of downtown Dubai, the event offers its participants the opportunity to attend interactive workshops about innovation and a large number of talks led by the biggest names in technology. Some conferences gathered around four main stages: Step start, for startups and entrepreneurs, Step Digital, advertising, and digital marketing, Step X, for city planners and automotive enterprises and Step Money, for the financial sector. Zoom on 5 promising startups presents during this year edition.


Founded by Abdullah el Nouaimi, a Bedouin entrepreneur who grew up in the Syrian desert and has already raised $86 billion for international NGOs, Yallagive is the first certified online platform in the Middle East for charity campaigns and fundraising. Registered in the UK and the United Arab Emirates, the company helps with both personal crowdfunding and online fundraising and offers its clients an outreach of an international scale. It provides blockchain technology to ensure efficient, secure and transparent payments to donors and accepts over 83 different crypto-currencies.



This Dubai-based start-up offers its clients the opportunity to book sport and discovery activities in the United Arab Emirates. Among them, the famous parachute jump above Palmeira Jumeirah, but also jet skiing at Kite Beach, flyboarding, or swimming with the sharks at the Dubai Aquarium.


Pandavoiceover is the first online voice-over and dubbing platform in the Middle East. It connects individuals with companies and production companies that need voices for their commercials or other audiovisual projects. Launched in 2014 in Saudi Arabia, it offers its services since 2016 in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan but also in Turkey with 30 studios.  As the first audio voice production studio, it became more professional over the years through the implementation of evaluation criteria to accept or decline certain voices. It also developed paid programs of voice coaching, voice evaluation, demos creation as well as writing workshops.


This Saudi application is a kind of local UberEat, with the difference that in addition to delivering small dishes, it also allows you to have your coffee delivered to your home, your medicine from the pharmacy, or your groceries from the supermarket. It can be downloaded to a mobile phone and then used to contact the driver directly by SMS or telephone.


This platform combines the principles of Islamic finance with blockchain technology by providing financial services to communities that do not have access to the traditional banking system. Inspired by the principle of waqf, a principle of donation to works of public utility inspired by Islamic law, it makes available to individuals, communities, and organizations a pool and credits that can be allocated for a specific cause, according to the decision of the creators of this fund. Wakaful not only connects donors, often patrons or financial service providers with beneficiaries (NGOs, or social enterprises), but also provides the software that allows the fund to be managed in complete transparency and security through a blockchain technology using the system of smart contracts based on the ethereum blockchain. It came as the 6th finalist of the UNCDF (unlocking public and private finance for the poor) accelerator organized last December in Lusaka, Zambia at the #myfintechweek 2019 event. 

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Published on 11 February 2020