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5 things to do at Dubai International Airport

Are you facing a long stopover in sight at Dubai International Airport? Well, make the best of it! With its 30,000 square metres dedicated to shopping, catering and wellness, this magnificent place promises to keep you busy but also to amaze you. Here are five must-do activities to enjoy in your spare time.

1 – Shopping

Dubai is known for its gigantic shopping malls and is a paradise for those thirsty for shopping. And it starts at the airport! Between duty-free shops, luxury brands such as Gucci or Salvatore Ferragamo and more affordable brands such as H&M, this one satisfies all travellers. Not to mention that some shops are open 24 hours a day. Enough to warm up someone’s credit card!


Duty Free shop

2 – Go to SnoozeCube for a nap

Need to recharge your batteries before your next flight? Go to SnoozeCube. This device, located in Terminal 1, provides you with private (paid) suites where you can sleep, read or check your emails away from the crowd. Each room is equipped with a bed, a television and unlimited internet access. All this is punctuated by a soothing decoration. The only disadvantage: a break of at least 2 hours is required.

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3 – Admire the Zen Garden

To recharge your batteries during a stopover, go to the Zen Garden in Terminal 3: a green area with the appearance of an oasis, composed of tropical plants, rocks and a water point. So many ingredients to relax and be calm. A space that also includes playgrounds for children.

4 – Have a coffee at the Gahwa Mezze Bar

Here, you can enjoy a delicious Arabic coffee with cardamom. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the alleys of Al Fahidi, a historic district of Dubai where this typical drink is served. Take advantage of this gourmet break to taste the region’s delicious dishes: samoussas, sambousseks or moussaka. At the Gahwa Mezza Bar, everything is fine!

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5 – Get a massage at Timeless Spa

Want a massage? This is possible at the Timeless Spa in Terminal 3. The institute offers a comprehensive treatment menu, with more than 10 massages to choose from: hot stones, reflexology, Lomi-Lomi, etc. Our favorite? The Timeless Signature massage with four hands. A one-hour treatment, combining different techniques, where two masseurs take care of you. What else?

A romantic massage


Published on 13 February 2019