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5 things to do in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait

Kuwait City is a capital city on a human scale, located on the southern shores of Kuwait Bay. The economic pillar of the country, it is home to large companies as well as numerous government services. A city of stunning modernity, where the buildings bear witness to the country’s meteoric rise after the Second World War. You can go there for entertainment, to understand the history of the city and to relax by the water. Here are 5 things to do in Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait.

1 – Qout market, a must in Kuwait City

If you’re looking for a place that brings together local products, handmade items and good vibes, then Qout market is the place to be. Established in 2013, this engaged community values Kuwait’s craftsmanship, as well as its diversity. The vendors come from 21 different countries, and all have one thing in common: this passion that drives them! As a bonus for families, children benefit from dedicated areas with music and activities. A kid-friendly place to share every Saturday during the coolest months of the year.

2 – Kuwait Towers

Another thing to do in Kuwait City is to visit the three towers of the capital. Composed of spheres and spires at the top, they soar skyward from a promontory on the edge of the Arabian Gulf. An architectural masterpiece, erected in 1979, which testifies to the modernization and economic recovery of the country. The main tower, 187 meters high, is home to several entertainment facilities: a restaurant, a café, a lounge and a reception hall. All these spaces perfectly illustrate the dynamics of Kuwait City.

3 – The Tareq Rajab Museum

The Tareq Rajab Museum in Kuwait City, dedicated to Islamic arts, gathers sumptuous treasures. A timeless place, where one travels through the centuries, amazed by a rich collection of Arabic calligraphy, pottery, tapestries and sumptuous jewelry. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the capital to discover the culture and the essence of the country.

4 – Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center

Considered one of the largest cultural centers in the world, the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem space has numbers that make you dizzy: 23 galleries, more than 800 exhibitions, 22,000 square meters of space for the various museums and a capacity of 107 seats for the planetarium. A colossal structure hosting various themes, such as technology, aerospace or natural sciences. A must-see during a stay in Kuwait City!

5 – Al-Mubarakiya Souk, a nugget of Kuwait City

Strolling through the galleries of the Al-Mubarakiya souk is like taking a break from tradition and authenticity. Long before Kuwait City experienced its economic boom, this souk already existed. This old market, with its preserved charm, offers a beautiful immersion in the Kuwait of yesteryear. So forget your cell phone, let yourself be transported by the smells of herbs and spices, apothecary products and the glitter of oriental jewelry. A must in Kuwait City!

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Published on 22 April 2022