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5 things to see in Moroni, capital of Comoros

On the west coast of the island of Grande Comore is the capital city of Moroni. This city which tries to modernize itself, with its offices and buildings, keeps however a traditional Arabic architecture. The mosques and the medina are a source of calm in this city with a frenetic atmosphere. Here are 5 things to see in Moroni, the capital of Comoros.

1 – The port of Moroni

The port of Moroni has the particularity of having a mosque on the edge of the bay. The latter adds a touch of charm to this commercial port composed of important infrastructures, including storage warehouses. You will be able to attend the reception of ships, as well as the unloading operations carried out by wooden dhows. Among the goods are vanilla, coffee, and cocoa! In the distance, it is the sound of carelessness that we perceive. Namely, the laughter of the children of the city who came to play and bathe in the port.



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2 – The Volo Volo market

If there is one thing to see (or rather to experience!) in Moroni, it is the Volo Volo market. An institution that leaves no one indifferent, so much it transports you by its smells, its colors, and the frantic rhythm of exchanges. It is a huge market where you can find everything, and which constitutes for locals and foreigners a major commercial space. The best way to meet the locals and to immerse yourself in the Comorian culture.

3 – Itsandra beach at 5 kilometers

The capital of Grande Comore can be suffocating, so dense is it. So why not take a break a few kilometers away? Itsandra beach, made of turquoise water and white sand, offers an idyllic and refreshing break. It is also a very good spot to admire the sunset and watch the fishermen on their wooden canoes.


4 – The National Museum of Comoros

Created in 1989, the National Museum of Comoros presents the cultural heritage of the country through four exhibition rooms. These are dedicated to history, volcanology, oceanography, and social and cultural anthropology. A well-organized museum, belonging to the CNDRS (National Center for Documentation and Scientific Research) and associated with two other regional museums of the country: those of Anjouan and Moheli.

5 – The medina of Moroni

Narrow streets, aligned houses, small shaded courtyards… So many characteristic elements of the old city. We rush in without thinking too much, attracted by the sweet silence that reigns. Only a few verses of the Quran resound from time to time. In this religious calm, walk slowly towards the stalls, contemplate the carved wooden doors… Explore. The medina of Moroni is like a journey.

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Published on 27 June 2022