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9 Arab women in the BBC “Women of 2018 list”

Recently, the British production channel unveiled “BBC 100 Women 2018”, a ranking that highlights the most influential, inspiring and forward-thinking women of 2018 from around the world. Among them are 9 Arab women from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

1 – Ranneen Bukhari

For this young Saudi woman, art is a family story, apassion she has had since childhood and which makes her an invested curator. Ranneen Bukhari is known for managing the art gallery Desert Designs, owned by her parents. She also owes her fame to the participation of Contemporary Collective. An artistic initiative where 27 works of art from the British Council Collection were presented in Saudi Arabia.


2 – Raghda Ezzeldin

Raghda Ezzeldin has made a name for herself through her passion: snorkeling. In 2016, the young Egyptian founded Egypt Freedivers, a community that facilitates exchanges between divers, suppliers and underwater centres. That same year, during the RedCcup competition, Raghda Ezzeldin aroused the interest of the international press by holding her breath underwater for more than 5 minutes.

3 – Yanar Mohammed

A feminist at heart and president of the Organization for Women’s Freedom in Iraq, Yanar Mohammed helps victims of abuse and violence. Shelters are then made available to them. According to the BBC, more than 800 women have already made contact with the activist’s system. A tireless struggle for the woman who received the Gruber Prize for Women’s Rights in 2008, as well as the Rafto Prize in 2016.

4 – Nujeen Mustafa

Born with cerebral palsy, this 19-year-old girl fled Syria in a wheelchair. A story she shared with the world in her book La fille d’Alep, co-written with the great British reporter Christina Lamb. Today, Nujeen Mustafa is an advocate for refugees. “Refugees are people, not numbers,” she said in an interview with the Guardian. In addition to her commitment, the young woman dreams of one day becoming an astronaut.

5 – Hayat Sindi

A doctoral graduate in biotechnology, Hayat Sindi of Saudi Arabia works as a medical scientist. Concerned about bringing simple and affordable solutions to as many people as possible, she co-founded Diagnostics For All. An NGO that provides medical care to the most disadvantaged. Not to mention that Hayat Sindi is also one of the first women to sit on the Saudi Arabian Consultative Assembly.

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Published on 2 January 2019