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A closer look at Mount Nebo in Jordan

About 10 km from the city of Madaba, in Jordan, lies Mount Nebo. This pilgrimage site, both archaeological and biblical, is linked to the story of Moses. Some visitors come here to meditate, others to enjoy this incredible viewpoint over the Jordan Valley. Whatever your motivation, Mount Nebo is a must-see!

The biblical episode of Moses

At an altitude of 800 metres, Mount Nebo appears in the Bible under the name of “Moab”. A territory with vague geographical limits, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, probably bounded by the Jordan River and Mount Lebanon.

According to the Bible, it was at Mount Nebo that Moses breathed his last, after 40 years of wandering in the desert. It is also where he is said to have been buried, although the exact location remains unknown to this day.

The history and mysteries of this place attract visitors, making Mount Nebo one of the most visited sites in Jordan.


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Visiting Mount Nebo

Whether you’re a believer or not, climbing to the top of this mountain is well worth the detour. Any fatigue caused by the climb is quickly swept away, as the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, the town of Jericho and Bethlehem unfold before your eyes. In fact, this vantage point is said to be the most breathtaking in Jordan!

You can also visit the remains of the basilica and contemplate the many frescoes that have been discovered there. Most of them depict daily life in the land of the Jordan, with rural scenes, pastoral representations and hunting episodes.

At the summit of the mountain, the large bronze cross by Italian artist Gian Paolo Fantoni pays homage to Moses’ crossing. It symbolizes the wooden stick the prophet carried to open the waters.


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Published on 15 December 2023