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A museum of happiness opens its doors in Riyadh

Residents and visitors to the city of Riyadh now have the opportunity to visit a museum like no other: the Museum of Happiness, which was recently opened on the initiative of the Saudi Ministry of Culture.

Usually, when we talk about a museum, we think of paintings, sculptures, engravings and other “treasures” that should not be touched or photographed. But in the Riyadh Museum of Happiness, the situation is quite different. Inaugurated last September, the Museum of Happiness in Riyadh offers an entertainment space of 1300 m².
100% instagrammable, the place offers a total immersion in a joyful, colorful and multi-sensory universe!

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You can dive into a bathtub filled with rubber ducks, pose with a unicorn or take flight on a banana-shaped swing! An unusual experience where you can reconnect with your child’s soul. The tour lasts about 45 minutes and takes you through 10 rooms with various themes. And to prolong the pleasure, head for the gift store and the Happiness Cafe. This will boost your serotonin level, which we all need in these difficult times!

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Published on 3 December 2020

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