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A walk from Paris to Algiers

Mehdi left Paris and walked to his grandfather's house... in Algeria! A 4,000 kilometer walk that began on May 5, to mourn his deceased father but also for a good cause. Indeed, Medhi's journey will lead to a collection of funds for the construction of infrastructures in developing countries.

At 26 years old, Mehdi Debbrah, equipped with a 17 kilo bag, has taken on the incredible challenge of walking from Paris to Algiers. This adventure, Mehdi shares it on social networks, where he is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans. After having completed a Paris-Marseille and then, among others, Paris-Lisbon and Paris-Venice, Mehdi is now tackling a destination beyond the Mediterranean.

A personal spiritual quest

After his first experiences of extreme walks, Mehdi had finally returned to a job as a waiter in a brewery, and a more classical life. It was the death of his father that made him question this way of life and start again. “I realized how short life was and that there was no time to waste.” Armed with a comforter, a tent, a stove and a small solar panel, the young man set out to reach the country of his origins, to visit his paternal family in Algeria. A long itinerary that should take him through France, Switzerland, Italy, Tunisia reached by boat and finally Algeria.


A journey full of generosity

Mehdi’s journey is defined in two words: simplicity and generosity. Everywhere the adventurer goes, he is supported, sometimes fed and lodged with local people who know his story. These strangers take their place in his journey by offering him a roof over his head, whereas Mehdi initially planned to sleep alone in the open air.

Mehdi also opened several free funds to finance an oasis in a Togolese village and a well in Cambodia. The required sums were quickly reached, especially since each donation was accompanied by words of encouragement for the young man, praising his humility and sincerity.