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Oman: 5 breathtaking landscapes

The Sultanate of Oman is a small jewel nestled between India and Africa. A land of a thousand colors, between the golden dunes, the emerald of the natural basins and the brown of the cliffs. Desert, wadis, beaches and mountainous massifs, Omani landscapes are breathtaking. Here are 5 must-see places!

1 – Musandam Peninsula

You thought that the fjords were the prerogative of Norway? Think again! The Musandam peninsula in Oman, running towards the Strait of Hormuz, reveals similar breathtaking landscapes. To survey the latter, a 4×4 trip is necessary to get as close as possible to the cliffs. You will discover desert lands, but also more fertile areas with an exceptional fauna: gazelles, mongooses, wild cats, jackals, etc. Another wonder not to be missed: the small village of Kumzar. Located at the extreme north of the peninsula, this isolated fishing village is only accessible by boat.

2 – The great desert of Wahiba Sands

If there is one must-see site in the Sultanate of Oman, it is the Wahiba Sands desert. A stretch of sand more than 200 km long, suitable for jeep excursions or camel rides. Activities to do at sunrise or sunset, when the orange dunes reveal their golden reflections. Dazzling! Our advice: spend a night in a bivouac for a total immersion in this beautiful desert.

3 – The beach of Ras-al Jinz

Located on the easternmost point of the Omani peninsula, the beach of Ras-al Jinz has a particularity that leaves you breathless. What is it? That of being a privileged place for turtles to lay their eggs! To attend this show, visitors are accompanied by guides and limited to 60 per day. Indeed, this reserve is protected and everything is done not to disturb the turtles during nesting. A great example of eco-tourism!

4 – The Jebel Akhdar massif

What other landscape to see in Oman? The mountainous region of Jebel Akhdar, northeast of Nizwa on the Sayq plateau. A lush green landscape with terraced crops and lush vegetation. The access is however difficult and requires to be a seasoned 4×4 driver. If you are not comfortable, opt for organized excursions. There are indeed supervised hikes to go around the mountain and sleep in the small villages.

5 – Wadi Tiwi

An emblematic landscape of the Omani mountains, the wadi is a valley punctuated by pools, rocks, palm trees, and sometimes small villages. If you are looking for one that is not too touristy, head for wadi Tiwi! A beautiful place with many natural pools where to refresh yourself and date palms as far as the eye can see. Special mention for the traditional village of Mybam perched at an altitude of 800 meters. A must see!

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Published on 3 June 2022