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A young Emirati caught NASA’s eye with his design

The end-of-year university project of Saeed Hussain Kayyani, a final-year student, consisted of a miniature floating city designed for the planet Mars. It caught the attention of NASA, the American space agency, which received the young Emirian to study his project.

When Saeed Hussain Kayyani imagined his model of a miniature floating Martian city, he was surely far from imagining that he would win an invitation to one of NASA’s workshops to present his project. And yet… 

The young Emirati student and his classmates carried out this project as part of an end-of-year university project: designing an urban environment on the surface of the red planet. In the end, Kayyani was awarded a Master’s degree in Architecture by the Southern California Institute of Architecture. 


A sustainability issue

The points that attracted the attention of the space agency, according to the interested party, were “the levitation and magnetism of the floating city”. Thus, he and his two teammates were invited to attend a workshop in Houston, where they met professionals from all over the world who are specialists in the colonization of space. The latter – experts in nutrition, fertility, or space architects – asked them about the implementation of their project.

A project that is part of the United Arab Emirates’ spatial approach, whose project is to build an entire city on Mars by 2117, based on the principle that at the rate at which the Earth is degrading, it will no longer be a livable environment for its inhabitants. 

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Published on 12 September 2019



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