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Abdulrahman Alkhamees: “Your job will be your passion”

As Partnerships Manager at Udacity, Abdulrahman Alkhamees plays an important role in the digitizing the Kingdom. In partnership with MiSK Foundation, in 2018 Udacity will award 2500 scholarships to young Saudi. The future of innovation starts here!

Saudi society is moving forward in many domains. Education will certainly not be an exception. Audacity Connect Campus has been launched in 2017 with the long-term goal of helping talented learners across Saudi Arabia achieve their full potential in the technology sector.

Kawa met Abdulrahman Alkhamees, partnerships Manager at Udacity, to better understand the scope of its education, and how it differs compared to classical studies.

KAWA : How does Udacity work ?

Abdulrahman Alkhamees: The beauty of the programs that we call nano-degrees is that they last from 3 to 6 months. Imagine that you are in college and you want to study something that is not your major: it’s time to test out Udacity. There are many programs that don’t need any prerequisite knowledge. You just need English to understand the program and, of course, the commitment.

Udacity looks like a disruptive system of education. How?

Education in the past decades didn’t change that much. It didn’t really coapt with the way that technology is changing. So, Audacity is offering affordable education, at scale, that everyone can enjoy and can learn which really helps building the country.

A message for young students ?

What is important at this age is to explore, explore and explore! You don’t need to have a full time education, you can take it alongside your job or your main studies. Explore to find your passion and then later focus on it and basically your job will be your passion.

Published on 17 January 2018