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Airbnb offers an 80-day trip including 2 Arab countries

To celebrate the launch of its new division, Airbnb Adventures, which now offers new experiences over several days, Airbnb recently announced the launch of an “all-inclusive” package, a trip that the luckiest travelers can take in 80 days, in 18 countries, including 2 Arab countries.

Phileas Fogg will soon no longer be the only one to have traveled around the world in 80 days. In June, the American hosting company, Airbnb, extended its offer with its new Airbnb Adventures division, which brings together unprecedented experiences over several days in destinations around the world. 


As a promotion, the rental platform announced an all-inclusive trip, including accommodation, airline tickets, and food, among other things, for travelers with an explorer’s soul and ready to travel 18 countries on 6 continents for 80 days. From Europe to Africa, via the Middle East and America, travelers will be able to discover Petra and the Wadi Araba desert in Jordan or sail on the Nile in Egypt.




Airbnb, a platform that sees far


With this new offer, which is only the first step in a series of new products, Airbnb aims to become the first choice for travelers. “With more travelers seeking adventure than ever before, Airbnb seeks to democratize the sector and offers more achievable experiences designed to unleash the power of nature. They are run by residents and cover a wide range of interests and skills“, the brand said in a press release.


Since June 20th, it is possible to buy your tickets. All profits from the program will then go to the Malala Fund, co-founded by Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, a leader in the fight for girls’ education.


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Published on 2 July 2019