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Algeria records the highest rate of women engineers in the world

According to the latest UNESCO report entitled “The timerace for smarter development”, Algeria is the country in the world with the highest proportion of women graduates in engineering.

This is a statistic that we particularly like to see appearing and which helps advance the debate on the place of women in the Arab world. It is also interesting to compare it with the other strong data emanating from this report: there is only a small proportion of women engineering graduates in the world. They are only 28% against 40% in computer science.

Mention very well, therefore, for Algeria, with this figure, published last February 11 on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which shows that equal opportunities is a subject taken very seriously by our North African neighbors. 

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 “To be smart, the digital revolution will have to be inclusive”.

This is, in any case, the title of one of the parts of the study, and undoubtedly the one that deserves to be the most prominent, since it helps to dispel a still persistent cliché, that women in the Arab world are destined to be placed in the background, and to play more of a role as wife and mother, than to flourish in their professional careers. Indeed, it appears in this section that the strongest representations of women among engineering graduates are to be found in the Arab States, such as Algeria (48.5%), Morocco (42.2%), Oman (43.2%), Syria (43.9%) and Tunisia (44.2%). This is in contrast to many OECD member countries such as Australia (23.2%), Canada (19.7%), or even France (26.1%). It remains to be seen, then, what the long-term effects of this paradigm shift will be.

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Published on 15 February 2021